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Categories:  Alternative Vehicles, Arts & Crafts, Education, Fashion, Food, Green Cleaning, Jewelry, Recycling, Wellness

Alternative Vehicles

  • Aspen Electric Cars 
    Sales and service for neighborhood electric vehicles and electric cars.


  • Aspen Pure Life
    Local representative of the non-profit - Drug Free World (www.drugfreeworld.org), will provide educational booklets and DVD's regarding drugs. All materials are free with the purpose of educating people on the dangers of drugs.
    email:  Angela@AspenPureLife.com

  • Aspen ZGreen  2011-2011
    Taking Action Today for a Greener Tomorrow
    The City of Aspen's ZGreen Program is a three-part certification and outreach program designed to reduce the environmental impacts of Aspen's citizens, visitors, businesses, and events.  Aspen Eco Fest is working with the City of Aspen ZGreen program to reduce the environmental footprint of this event.


  • Aspen Science Center
    The Aspen Science Center's mission is to foster excellence in science-based Education, Outreach, and Public Understanding of Science.

    Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute  2011-2011
    CRMPI is a demonstration site in Central Colorado dedicated to teaching the principles of permaculture, forest gardening and greenhouse technology.  Visit our booth for more information about what CRMPI does in the Roaring Fork Valley and how you can get involved.
    website:  www.CRMPI.org


  • Community Office for Resource Efficiency  2011-2011
    CORE works cooperatively with businesses, individuals, utilities and government entities to create measurable improvements in energy and water efficiency in order to benefit the environment and develop a more sustainable economy. CORE's popular rebate and grant programs have provided over $8million in funding to Roaring Fork Valley renewable energy and efficiency projects since 2000, supported by REMP funding. In addition to funding, CORE works closely with citizen groups and municipalities on local environmental policy. Finally, outreach programs such as the Home Energy Makeover Contest and COREmmuter Challenge educate and involve the community in sustainable living and energy choices.
    website:  www.AspenCore.org


  • Autumn Teneyl Designs  2011-2011
    A celebration of eclectic chic.  Autumn utilizes domestically made organic fabrics and re-purposed designer-end natural and synthetic fabrics to reduce the environmental burden of textile manufacturing. Every garment is handmade in Colorado, USA..

  • Cyndi Buck Design 
    Hand crafted upcycled clothing including cashmere sweaters, victorian inspired lace garments, steampunk upcycled clothing, handdyed clothing.
    email:  CyndiBuckDesign@hotmail.com

  • Li'l Skirts & Terra Potz
    Li'l Skirts are one of a kind and handmade in Carbondale.  We also make repurposed/reimagined clothes from recycled dresses.  Terrapotz are eco friendly candles made from bamboo pots and 100% soy candles.
    website: www.lilskirts.com

  • Nina Paul Design
    Batik clothing is all hand drawn, painted and dyed by me. I use soy wax (non-toxic, non-petroleum, vegan).
    My upcycled sweaters are made from used sweaters that I cut apart, reconstruct and embellish with decorative stitch work and hand-cut applique. All of the textiles that I use for these sweaters are recycled. The "plastic" bags that I give to customers are biodegradable!
    email: ninapaulbatik@gmail.com


  • Ajax Donuts
    We offer hot and fresh made mini donuts with various homemade sauces and toppings. Our donuts are made onsite in a mini donut machine, which enables us to delight all the senses. Through the thrill of watching them being made, to the fantastic smell of fried dough and the excitement of eating a hot fresh mini donut, they are a hit with both children and adults.

    In addition, we offer local organic coffee from Bonfire coffee, hot, iced and blended. Ice cream floats with Colorado based sodas and homemade frozen lemonade and strawberry lemonade.
  • Gandhi India's Cuisine
    Offering the finest authentic delicacies of North Indian Cuisine.  All spices used are natural, fresh, and of the highest and most authentic quality.
  • Ganic Grub
    Ganic Grub is the only catering company in Grand Junction and surrounding areas that offers organic food. We are working hard to educate consumers that organic and non-gmo foods can be tastier than their counter parts, and that as a consumer, making this decision has a wonderful domino effect on our society. At the same time we also believe in growing Colorado's local economy, that is why we choose to work with other organic industry professionals in our home state. We want to spread our movement by providing world class food, supporting local farms, and doing our part to secure natural farming and a healthy environment for generations to come. And it's all done one tasty meal at a time!
    website:  www.ganicgrub.com

  • Higgles Ice Cream
    Higgles Ice Cream will never use artificial colors to dazzle your eyes. We believe that nature provides enough amazing and subtle colors for us to entice you
  • Windy City Eats  2010-2011
    Serving Greek gyros as well as side dishes and vegetarian options featuring fresh, local, and organic produce.  All sauces and side dishes are homemade. I always serve my food with compostable materials.
    email:  WindyCityEats@yahoo.com


  • Alpine Wine Design
    Offering recycled wine barrel furniture and home decor.  Every piece is crafted with thoughtful design and individually handcrafted in our Colorado workshop, using recycled woods that bring a singular patina of age and history.
    website:  www.AlpineWineDesign.com

  • Aspen Animal Shelter
    Adoptable pets from the Aspen/Pitkin County Animal Shelter. Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter will provide educational/informational materials, and we will have adoptable dogs, as well as a donation jar for the non-profit.
    website:  www.dogsaspen.com

  • Aspen Intuitives
    The Aspen Intuitives are Claudia Flores, a tarot card reader, and Ruby Burkhalter, an astrologer.  Claudia and Ruby provide great entertainment through their readings.
    websites:  www.AspenIntuitives.com - www.Astrology-Classes.com
    website:  www.Astrologer.net

  • Aspen Painting & Benjamin Moore Paints
    Joint venture with Benjamin Moore Paints to display zero VOC paints and related information about eco friendly coating both interior & exterior. We hope to educate the public about the importance of using non toxic coatings.

  • Banana Belt Farm, LLC.
    Offering scented and unscented soap, felted soap, lotion, body butter, bath fizzies and lip balm. All products are handmade from raw ingredients.
    website:  www.BananaBeltFarm.ecrater.com

  • Basalt Thrift Store /WSRM
    Basalt "Select" Thrift Store is a self sustaining non-profit that pays its own business expenses and then donates the rest back to the Community. Our Basalt Thrift Store is the vehicle to help bring sustainable agriculture to our community. We are deeply passionate about LOCAL SUSTAINABLE FOOD EFFORTS!
    website:  www.basaltthrift.org

  • Chip of Glass
    Chip of Glass takes old glass and repurposes it into jewelry, plates, bowls and wind chimes. Originally the glass consisted of wine and liquor bottles, glass shelving, coffee table glass, picture frame glass and occasionally antique glass.
    Repurposing the glass requires that it be cut, ground, sanded, fused and often slumped into new shapes to be used as decorative and functional pieces of art as opposed to filling our dumpsters and landfills.
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChipofGlass

  • Connor Wood Bicycles
    My company manufactures wood bicycles from sustainable American hardwoods. This form of alternative transportation is functional and beautiful while helping people stay healthy. All my bikes fully handmade made from a sustainable resource and are rolling works of artClick here to read about our NEW WOOD E-BIKE which will be debuted at Aspen Eco Fest.
    website:  www.connorcycles.com

  • Fire-Away™Technologies
    Be certain that your home and property are invincible to wildfire.  Having a Fire-Away Technologies system gives peace of mind to homeowners by providing fire protection for the exterior of homes, outbuildings, and the surrounding landscape.  Fire-Away Technologies manufactures a multistage system capable of immediately dispersing large quantities of fire retardant, fire suppressant, and water.  Powerful pumps are used to transfer fire fighting materials from holding tanks to areas of the property needing protection from a dangerous and destructive wildfire.  Click here to view our brochure.
    website:  www.facebook.com/pages/Fire-Away-Technologies/135255046485193

  • Frostbusters and Coolth Co.
    We are an Energy Efficiency Service Company based in Carbondale, Colorado. We are RESNET certified Energy Raters and are comfortable using energy efficiency software including
    Manual J calculations. Partnering with CORE and CLEER to make homes energy efficient"
    email:  fritzd@frostbusters.com

  • The Geode Guys  2010-2014
    They're not just rocks, they're Geodes!
    Look for us selling our Geodes as "Dragon Eggs!"  We guarantee every geode we sell to be hollow and have something inside. 
    website:  www.TheGeodeGuys.com

  • GMO Free Colorado: Roaring Fork Valley
    GMO Free Colorado: Roaring Fork Valley is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to the Right To Know ballot initiative (Colorado) and sharing the truth about genetically modified foods.

  • Home Magnetics
    Accessories and frames are made with Colorado Beetle Kill (Blue Pine). Visit our website to view all products offered.

    I design and build titanium bicycles that use a belt instead of a chain and the gears are all internal.  Our cargo bikes utilize a belt drive with an internal hub 8 speed.  The bike also comes with a dynamo front hub for running lights or can charge any USB device while you're riding. I  would like to get folks to see all the things a bike can do, picnics, hunting, fishing, grocery shopping, deliveries, commuting, etc.  My goal is to have more people on bikes and especially the ones that might not ride a bike now.  A utility bike can offer all these benefits plus the added benefit of sustainability and health.

  • John Finch Design Studio
    The material that I use is copper. One of the world's most recycled metals. I use the ancient techniques of Repousse and Chasing. These techniques are centuries old and I adhere to pre-industrial processes. I use all hand tools and warm the pitch needed for the repousse process in a solar oven.

    As a result, my finished pieces have minimal negative environmental impact. In both the studio and home where my wife and I live and work we strive through our understanding of basic Permaculture principals to live as lightly as possible in our beautiful Santa Fe.

  • Moonestone Illuminations
    My artwork as honors and glorifies the animals and plants which we often fail to notice. My particular talent is assisting to 'rearrange reality' in order that our connections to other creatures can become more 'in our visible spectrum' - in a most colorful, attractive way~!

  • Obi Flair
    My products are all made from old Japanese kimono and obi. I use other old clothes such as jeans as the background fabric. Used and stained tablecloths, old bed covers and old curtains are also used in my products. I cut around any damage in these products. I make purses, scarves, pouches, coasters, pillows and more.
  • OG Power Station
    We build plug and play solar power systems for small structures (cabins, yurts, etc.), or for emergency backup power. Installation is as easy as attaching wires to a solar panel and a battery, and you are up and running.

  • The OohPooPooDoo
    Created here in Aspen....my pet waste bag gripper.

  • Re-Cycle Art Aspen
    We have the largest inventory of vintage lugged steel bikes in the West.  In what "started out as a hobby, then turned into an obsession" has now evolved into a thriving business.  We have a virtual museum of vintage lugged steel bikes from the 60's through the 90's.
    website:  www.RecycleArtAspen.com

  • St. Vrain Jam, LLC
    St. Vrain Jam specializes in No Sugar Added, Low Glycemic Index Jam in a variety of flavors.  We are a Colorado Proud Producer and work with Colorado fruit as much as possible.  We offer a recycling program where customers can recycle their empty St. Vrain Jam jars with us for a 50 cent credit for that day's purchase.  We only sample using compostable products.  Please visit website for more information.
    website:  www.stvrainjam.com

  • Steele Photography (Solarography)  2010-2012
    Solarography - 100% solar powered a


  • Two+Two
    Two+Two designs reusable bags and bowl covers that are food-safe + eco-friendly. Two+Two products keep food fresh and uncontaminated with a lining that is free of lead, BPA, PVC and phthalates. The various sizes of eco-friendly reusable bags accommodate any and all packing organizing and traveling needs.

  • Wild Bear Bee Farm
    Wild Bear Bee Farm runs 200 beehives in 8 locations throughout the Roaring Fork Valley in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We extract and bottle all our own honey, and it is never heated or filtered, so it retains all it's nutrients, pollen and natural enzymes. We do not use any chemicals or antibiotics in any of our hives. Once you taste it, you'll never buy any other honey again.
    email:  www.wildbearbeefarm.com

Green Cleaning

  • Belmont Clean Green Cleaning  2011-2011
    We are the only cleaning company in the valley to offer green cleaning services (carpet, upholstery, oriental rug and stone, tile and grout cleaning).  All of our products are Green Seal Certified (100% eco-friendly).  All our equipment is state of the art electric equipment.  We use a low moisture process, so we're not pumping wastewater out into the streets.  We will provide information on how to select a green cleaning company (via Consumer Awareness Guides), and will offer free cleaning gift cards to local homeowners.  We are very much geared towards education, and to provide clean and healthy living environments free from harmful chemicals.



  • Eco Steam Wash  2011-2011
    Eco Steam Wash promotes auto detailing and car washing with the revolutionary technology of high pressure steam wash.  We are able to wash a car using 1/2 gallon of water, no soap and no water running off to our rivers.  We are also able to perform general cleaning services like carpets, kitchen, air ducts, machinery, tiles, floors, grills, hot tubs, you name it..  Our green products and eco awareness definitely honor the name we carry on: Eco Steam Wash



  • CBACH Originals dba Reborn Rarities
    I Upcycle antique jewelry, nothing newer than 1970. I restore the items and use them to make necklaces, bracelets and rings. I use Victorian nail heads, silverware, etc., anything that can be remade beautifully. All leather I use is from local hunters. I also re-work antique beads. My products show that "recycle/reuse" is MORE than just taking items from a recycle bin or selling them as scrap metal!
    website:  www.etsy.rebornrarities.com

  • Ginny's Gems
    Beautiful jewelry pieces including earrings and necklaces.
    email:  Ginny.West@ymail.com


  • Miss Olivia's Line
    Colorado handmade funky fused glass belt buckles and jewelry.
    website:  www.missoliviasline.com

  • Sacred Stone Creations
    Hand-made jewelry using sacred mandalas by Liz Barzell.  Each stone is individually found along her path and is transformed into a one-of-a-kind treasure, reflecting the spirit of life.  Click here to view flyer.
    website:  www.sacredstonecreations.com

  • Sterling Bliss  2011-2011
    I make sterling silver chain and chainmaille by hand - winding and cutting the rings by hand, weaving them into patterns using needlenose pliers.  Other chains are wound, cut and soldered by hand.  Many of my clasps and ear wires are forged by hand.
    website:  www.SterlingBliss.com



  • EverGreen
    We help events minimize their environmental impact through guidance, operations and hauling.  We also sell compostable food service materials so any sized event or business can go green.  And this Spring we're unveiling our residential and commercial organics collection program for the Roaring Fork Valley.
    website:  www.EverGreenEvents.net




  • Aspen Emporium and Flying Circus
    Everything from carrots to cars.  Handmade, remade, reused, natural, and organic with over 50 artists and vendors all under one big top.
    email:  Shae@AspenEmporium.com

  • Aspen Electric Cars - Sales and service for neighborhood electric vehicles and electric cars.

  • City of Aspen
    The City of Aspen supports arts and community + nonprofit organizations through annual grants totaling approximately $1 million.  Our community benefits from non-profit agencies that add vibrancy and texture to the quality of life in Aspen.  The City of Aspen recognizes the on-going partnerships that we have had with non-profits through the years.  Additionally, The City of Aspen provides and operates 26 public parks, the Wheeler Opera House, an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, ball fields, an ice-skating facility, and KidsFirst (childcare resources) along with traditional government services.

    website:  www.AspenPitkin.com


  • Aspen Real Estate Company
    Aspen Real Estate Company is here to serve you with over 200 years of combined experience.  Our office is open seven days a week to help assist you with all of your real estate needs.

    Our sellers trust our marketing focus and insights, whether it is to sell an exclusive Aspen estate or a Carbondale ranchette.  Our experienced brokers work with buyers whose visions range from a view site in Missouri Heights to a vacation home at one of our four great ski areas.  Share your goals and dreams with us! We will help you obtain them. As dedicated real estate professionals, we are also involved longtime residents, family people and outdoor enthusiasts.

    We use our experience to search out the best possible property for you, to help create the lifestyle you want. Aspen Real Estate Company brokers are experts on mountain living!
    website:  www.aspenexperts.com

  • City of Aspen Utilities Energy Efficiency Division
    Providing energy efficiency outreach, education, product samples, programs, projects.

  • EverGreen Events
    Alyssa and David Reindel, the founders of EverGreen Events, have fourteen combined years of experience working for award-winning non-profit and government recycling and environmental organizations. One of us is a certified Master Composter and we’ve contributed to thousands of weddings, meetings, festivals and parties.

    We've got a good idea of what it takes to make your event a green success story.
    website:  www.EverGreenEvents.net

  • 103.9 KSNO
    KSNO.NET will be bringing you videos of the bands that are going to appear this summer! Visit their new website for details.
    website:  www.ksno.net

  • Sandy's Office Supply
    As your local source for business products, Sandy's believes we have more to offer you. Depth of product, technology, knowledgeable help and price - We beat the superstores everyday prices! No doubt about it!!!
    website:  www.sandysofficesupply.com

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